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Gold Tone OB-250AT Bluegrass Banjo inkl. kasse

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Gold Tone OB-250AT Bluegrass Banjo inkl. kasse
kr 21 290,00

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The ArchTop model includes a 40-hole sand-cast bell brass archtop tone ring, which produces more penetrating highs compared to a conventional flathead tone ring, as the vibrating head circumference is reduced. For banjoists who own a flat top, this is a great addition to their collection as it “cuts through” the high volumes at bluegrass jams.



The Orange Blossom OB-250AT model includes a forty-hole sand cast bell brass arch top tone ring fitted to a 3-ply Canadian maple rim. This well-equipped configuration produces more penetrating highs and volume compared to those achieved with a conventional flat top tone ring. For banjoists who are familiar with the flat top sound and are looking for a brighter sound that will “cut through” in bluegrass jams, this model is answer!


Varenummer Gold Tone OB-250AT
Gribebrett Maple