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Gold Tone MC-150R/P Bluegrass Banjo 22 fret

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Gold Tone MC-150R/P Bluegrass Banjo 22 fret
kr 10 690,00

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For banjospilleren som liker å spille både bluegrass og old-style banjo.



For the banjo player who likes to play both bluegrass and old-time music, the economically priced MC-150RP is convertible – the resonator may be easily detached for openback-style playing. This model has all quality parts, which provide excellent tone. The MC-150RP is the first in our line with a professional pot assembly including a 3/4” rim and a bluegrass flathead tone ring. Economically priced, the Maple Classic MC-150 is the first model in the Gold Tone line that offers a 20-hole flat top tone ring. A considerable upgraded model from the Cripple Creek Series, the Maple Classic features a thicker maple tone rim, maple neck with snowflake inlay, maple resonator, shoe style lugs, an alloy tone ring, two way adjustable truss rod, Straight Line tailpiece, and a beautiful gloss finish. This model is convertible which means the resonator may be easily detached for playing in an open back style. The MC-150 just recently received a rave review from a popular folk magazine in England which described its incredible tone for the price. With a complete setup here at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida, the MC-150 just cannot be beat in its price range for quality and tone. The Maple Classic is also available in kit form for the do-it-yourself craftsman! See the MC-Kit.


Varenummer Gold Tone MC-150R/P
Gribebrett Maple